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  • Professor of Latinx Food Studies and Food Justice Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures University of Southern California

  • Producer of “Abuelita’s Kitchen: Mexican Food Stories” documentary film

  • Recipient of National Endowment for the Humanities Media Production grant to create a documentary film series called “Abuelitas on the Borderlands: Mexican Food Stories”


  • Cyclist, lover of Oaxacan food and culture, and mother of two teenage boys

Sarah Portnoy, PhD

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Contemporary Los Angeles can increasingly be considered a part of Latin America. Only 200 miles from the border with Mexico, it has the largest, most diverse population of Latinos in the United States—and reportedly the second largest population of Mexicans outside of Mexico City. It also has one of the most diverse representations of Latino gastronomy in the United States, featuring the cuisine of nearly every region of Mexico, countries such as Peru, Argentina, Guatemala and El Salvador, as well as an incredible variety of Asian-Latin fusion cuisine.

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